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Date: 11/6/10

Location: Prospect House, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

First Dance: That’s How Strong My Love Is, Otis Redding

Number of different kinds of cupcakes: 5, yes 5!

Lindsay and Justin are both Princeton grads, they’re tall and adorable and looked like models from a wedding magazine all night!

The First Dance

We first met Lindsay and Justin at the annual PCDI event we do down in Princeton. The good folks at the Princeton Child Development Institute were nice enough to let them peek in to check out the band. We got a chance to talk on our break and hit it off instantly. Maybe it’s a tall person thing. I don’t know.

Lindsay and Justin had their wedding reception at the historic Prospect House on the campus of their alma mater, Princeton. It’s a beautifully restored Italianate Victorian mansion that was built circa 1850. Yves and I were enthralled the minute we saw the place, since we have been renovating a French Second Empire Victorian built circa 1882 for the past three years and we still have a few years of work left!

The fireplace in the rear parlor.

The reception was done in an increasingly popular, European style. We played background music, sometimes just one or two of us at a time until dinner was finished and then we ramped up the dancing starting with Lindsay and Justin’s first dance, That’s How Strong my Love Is by Otis Redding (great pick).

We took one brief break for the cake cutting, or shall I say the introduction of the most delicious wedding cupcakes ever into our lives (I say that, acknowledging fully, that Yves and I also had cupcakes at our wedding). Now, I generally stay away from dessert at the events that we do. If I ate cake every time it was offered to me I would weigh 300 pounds! So, when Lindsay offered us cupcakes I graciously passed mine along to the guys in the band. At least that was the plan. There were five different kinds of cupcakes, and when Danny and Bill started oo-ing and ahh-ing over them I was intrigued. So, I wrangled a bite from Yves. These cupcakes tasted even better than they looked – and they looked great! Lindsay told me that they were made by the in house caterers at the Prospect House, Restaurant Associates.

Once dessert was served we went back to rocking the house. Lindsay, Justin and their guests danced the night away, but I’d like to give a special shout out to the man who married them, Paster Yoder. Not only did he quote Snoopy in his blessing stating, “to dance is to live”, but he clearly practices what he preaches. I think I was half way through the first verse of Bad Romance when I looked out and saw the nimble man of the cloth deftly cutting quite a rug on the dance floor. Paster Yoder, you are welcome to rock my dance floor any time!



Last winter we played Josephine’s sister Alexandra’s 21st birthday party. Not our usual type of event, but it was a great party downstairs at the Ella Lounge. Usually our audience ranges in age from 20’s on up. At Alexandra’s birthday party the room was filled with mostly 20-somethings and they loved classic rock and r&b. We played one amazing two hour set and everyone was dancing. Yves got this email from Josephine the monday after the party…

Hey Yves,

Thank you soooo much for Saturday night! The band really was amazing and you left a wonderful impression on everyone there. People were shocked how great you guys sounded and especially the birthday girl was in heaven. You really are an outstanding band! I hope to encounter you once again, but I’ll definitely be referring you to everyone I know. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well.