Hot Review!

Kathy’s daughter, Julianna got married on the hottest day of the year in a semi-outdoor venue in Brooklyn that had… you guessed it… no A/C!
They were the nicest group of people and really great sports considering that it was over 100 degrees in Prospect park that day. Cheers to all of their guests for dancing like there was no heatwave!

Shortly after the event, Kathy sent us this email…

Hi Amy and Yves,

I’ve been meaning to send you an email to tell you what a wonderful time we had. You guys were great and deserve an A++++ rating just for showing up in that awful heat! You are true professionals and obviously love what you do and do it very well, regardless of the circumstances. We had alot of nice, positive comments on how great the band was. We were fortunate to have such high-quality music and food that our guests seemed to overlook the heat in favor of having a great time.

We will definitely give you the best feedback possible and will recommend the band to anyone in the market for great performers. Please feel free, if you’d like, to use our names as references. We hope you’ll continue making music for a long time, as we have 2 more daughters (but they’re only 18 and 21!).

Best regards,


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