Love Songs We Love to Love, and Play!

      Nite-Time learns a lot of special requests in a year. We've learned sorority songs, team songs, old lullabies, parents' wedding songs, Spanish songs and many more, but none of these special songs are as important or as special as a couple's first dance.Here's a list of some of our favorites from the last few years, … Continue reading Love Songs We Love to Love, and Play!


2013 With Nite-Time in Pictures!

Happy New Year Everyone! I know, it's a tad late, but we were so busy last year, we thought we'd take a couple of weeks to kick back. We haven't gotten much of a chance, because planning for this year's events and weddings is already in full swing. We're looking forward to partying with old … Continue reading 2013 With Nite-Time in Pictures!