Summer’s Almost Here!


Yves and Amy getting set to DJ Jillian Michaels’ boot camp work out and cocktail fete for Krave Jerky contest winners in NYC!

This weekend marks the “unofficial” start of summer and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be kicking off the summer season on LI this Sunday with our friends from Arizona Iced Tea! We had a great spring, but before we catch you up on that we’ve got news!!

First of all, if you’ve never checked out Yves and Amy as The Goldbergs you really should. For more information and upcoming show dates or to book the duo that’s comprised of the “heart and soul of NYC’s Premier Party Band” go to!

As a lot of you know, YG Productions, Ltd. is the parent company of Nite-Time. Our team at YGP has been working behind the scenes for years to not only manage, book and promote Nite-Time, but also The Goldbergs and other live acts. We’ve got the best connections to pros in the business and the discerning ear of seasoned professional musicians working to bring you the finest talent for any event! YGP has also been offering DJ services for the past several seasons and we decided it was time to expand our online presence and let the public know what we’re all about. Check out our brand spanking new site for more info!

Up next, springtime in review.



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