September 5, 2010 – Long Island, NY

For several years now Nite-Time has been happy to call the owners of Arizona Iced Tea clients and friends. These people really know how to throw a party. Labor Day weekend is always the biggest of the year at their place and the theme is different every time. Last year it was Woodstock, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famed music festival. It was a great event and we really enjoyed playing all the hits from 1969.

This year’s party was on September 5th and the theme was hillbilly hootenanny, it was incredibly well styled, and totally fun for all, even us!

Everything from vintage pick up trucks to car seat “furniture” was represented. The property was transformed, and the irony of holding the entire party in the driveway was not lost on us. We provided bluegrass banjo and fiddle players to greet guests as they arrived at the entrance to the event seated in a countrified 1946 Dodge Power Wagon on a couple of bales of hay.¬†

Down the driveway a bit was a full scale petting zoo with goats, sheep and the cutest pigmy donkey I’ve ever seen (OK, the only pigmy donkey I’ve ever seen).

On the main stage we started with Danny on solo guitar, he’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll all in one! Oh, and no need to adjust your screen folks, that is chicken wire he’s playing behind – too funny!

After about an hour we all joined him and kicked some vintage country including, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash and of course, the theme from Rawhide!

The next act on the bill was Screaming Queens Entertainment.¬†They sent over two amazing drag performers who performed songs by Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood. They brought it big time and were kind enough to pose for photo-ops afterwards. We couldn’t help ourselves…

After another set by us, we turned the mic over to Chart Guthrie, square dance caller extraordinaire for a fun bit of group dancing. The crowd did a great job and it was a nice switch for us to be entertained for a while. The square dancing led nicely into the Hillbilly Beauty pageant portion of the night. The prizes ranged from Russell Stover chocolates to a Swarovski crystal Mickey Mouse watch. There were some hilarious costumes and it was tough to choose a clear winner…

I really thought “Mustache Rides” guy should have taken it. I believe he was disqualified though…

Howdy Nite-Time Pardners!

After the contest concluded Nite-Time took the stage again, this time we did our thing. We hit a full list of classic rock, 80’s and dance music. The party was rockin’ so we played an extra hour and everyone took to the dance floor fueled by Patron Tequila JELL-O shots and some of the best mac and cheese around!

Words cannot adequately describe the scene that night, but further photo highlights will speak volumes.

Pre-party shot of the decor...

Every party needs a few sheep!

Clothesline on the way in, of course.

Why don't y'all just set a spell?

...and I - ee - I will always love You - ooo.

my personal favorite costume

Careful! Your head might end up up there.