Date: November 10th

Location 1: The Stateroom, Ship Bottom, NJ

Location 2: The Marriott at Forrestal Village, Princeton , NJ

First Dance: You Got It by Roy Orbison


We first met Laura and Shawn a few years back when we played at Shawn’s college graduation party. They are a wonderful couple who have been together since they were kids. When they started planning their wedding at a lovely spot on the Jersey Shore on Long Beach Island they called Nite-Time to perform again. They chose a place they had been going to since they were children that holds a lot of great memories for them. We were thrilled to be a part of their celebration.

By October, everything was in place. The hotels were reserved, the songs were chosen, all the plans were coming together perfectly. Then, came Hurricane Sandy. We watched the TV coverage as the storm made landfall on October 29th in Southern New Jersey, right about where Laura and Shawn were having their upcoming wedding. I don’t think anyone thought that Sandy would be quite as bad as it was, and certainly Laura and Shawn had no way of anticipating that the storm of the century would slam right into their wedding venue, but it did.


After the flood waters receded, the venue reported relatively little damage (luckily), but they would be without power for the foreseeable future and didn’t see how they would be able to host Laura and Shawn’s wedding in less than two weeks. When Yves got Laura on the phone on Halloween, an alternate plan was being hashed out. Laura delivered the best bridal quote of the year to Yves on the phone that day. She said “we are definitely getting married next Saturday, I don’t know where yet, but we are”. We waited to hear back about the location, and by the weekend they had it figured out.


Laura’s parents had lost power due to the storm and were staying at a nearby hotel in The Forrestal Village area of Princeton, NJ. The Marriott was right across the street and had a banquet room large enough to accommodate Laura and Shawn and their guests. The staff of the hotel was incredibly helpful and really went out of their way to make everything run smoothly. There was a whole weekend of events scheduled from rehearsal dinner to Sunday brunch, and the Marriott at Forrestal Village found room for all of it. (In addition to putting up out of town relief workers who had come in to help clean up after the storm).


It wasn’t the seaside wedding they had been planning the whole year, but the sentiment was that getting married was the important part, not the location. It was so great to see all of their friends and family pulling together, helping out, changing plans and lending support. Of course, there were speeches about the storm and even some light humor about what the couple had to go through to get to that moment, but overall what I noticed was that the room was filled with joy. They could have given up, they could have postponed the wedding, they could have eloped, but they rallied instead. With their friends and family around them (and a kick-ass band) Laura and Shawn got hitched and celebrated it like crazy!


OK, so usually I post pics and point out all the cool details, quirky song requests and interesting traditions that I see at the weddings and events we do each year, but I just loved the fact that Laura and Shawn didn’t waste time wallowing in their misfortune. They focussed on what they did have and not what they didn’t. They truly celebrated the relationship and the commitment they were making to each other that day.


Laura and Shawn Make an Entrance!

Of course, there was dancing…

Laura and her dad danced to Rod Stewart’s Forever Young. Shawn and his mom danced to A Song For My Son. Despite the couple’s lack of Jewishness, someone requested a hora to celebrate them and everyone danced to that. Laura and Shawn danced to Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen. There was a definite Call Me Maybe moment, and everyone got “a little bit louder” to Shout.






Thank You so much Laura and Shawn for having us. We love celebrating with you and your family and friends. Next time you have something to party about, give us a call. You guys rock!