Summer Recap Time!!

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and so we figured this would be a good time for a recap of this summer's parties and happenings. We've been so busy this year we've barely had time to stay in touch with you all, but if you've been following us on Instagram you're ahead of the game. … Continue reading Summer Recap Time!!


Nite-Time Returns for the 24th Annual GCCA Beaux Arts Ball!

Date: March 31st Location: The Coppertree Restaurant at Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY Honoree: Purcell Palmer for Catwalk Artist Residency This year Nite-Time had the pleasure of returning for the fifth year in a row to the Greene County Council on the Arts annual Beaux Arts Ball. Each year the ball is held at the beautiful Coppertree Restaurant at the foot of Hunter … Continue reading Nite-Time Returns for the 24th Annual GCCA Beaux Arts Ball!

Chris and Katie, Happily Ever After!

Date: June 11th Location: The Waterview, Monroe, CT First Dance: You and Me, Dave Matthews Band Chris and Katie are an adorable couple, very sweet, generous of spirit and a pleasure to work with. They made some notable selections as far as special songs. Katie wanted the Theme from Sex and the City for her bouquet … Continue reading Chris and Katie, Happily Ever After!

Nite-Time LIVE at the P&G in NYC!! July 29th

When: Friday, July 29th - 6-8pm Where: The P&G Bar on the upper west side of NYC Why: Why NOT? Here it is, another rare opportunity to catch Nite-Time live and in person without having to get hitched or bar mitzed! Seriously though, we had a great time the last time we played the P&G … Continue reading Nite-Time LIVE at the P&G in NYC!! July 29th

Live Show: February 11, 2011 in NYC!

Who: Nite-Time - New York City's Premier Party Band! (of course) What: Music that will make you happy! Where: P&G Bar on the Upper West Side. (78th & Columbus) When: February 11, 2011, 6pm - 8pm Why: So, this is clearly the winter of everyone's discontent. Can you say second ice age? (I've got a call in … Continue reading Live Show: February 11, 2011 in NYC!

Maribeth and Gary

Date: 9/18/10 Location: Tarrytown, NY First Dance: You and Me, Dave Matthews Band Maribeth and Gary are an incredibly fun and energetic couple. They danced non-stop all night, as is evidenced by the collection of blurry dancing pictures I have of them. Good thing they had the folks from All That's Video and Photography there to … Continue reading Maribeth and Gary

Marianna and Nate

Marianna and Nate Date: July 17 Location: Sea Cliff Yacht Club, Sea Cliff, NY First Dance: Just in Time (Nina Simone version) We first met Marianna and Nate back in the fall of 2009. Marianna booked us remotely via the internet, so we set up a meeting to talk about music during one of their … Continue reading Marianna and Nate

Another Great Review!

Alex and Doug were married back in April and sent this email to Yves shortly after their wedding... Yves, I want to thank you and the band once again for the fantastic music during our wedding celebration.  We got many, many, comments telling us how great the band was -- including from several musician friends! … Continue reading Another Great Review!