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Summer Recap Time!!

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and so we figured this would be a good time for a recap of this summer’s parties and happenings. We’ve been so busy this year we’ve barely had time to stay in touch with you all, but if you’ve been following us on Instagram you’re ahead of the game. Here are some of our favorite pics from the grooviest parties of the summer (yes, we’re bringing back groovy – pass it on).


Meredith and Andrew took a spin around the floor to their first dance “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen.


Danny took a solo at sunset on the beach at Sands Light. Pretty cool!


Then we all joined in…


… and Amy whipped out the guitar!


Beach drums, uh huh.


Then we were back on the water in Ship Bottom jamming out with the Tepper family.


This kid did an awesome “worm”! Looking forward to next year, y’all.


We promise Danny will rock out this hard again!


Yes, that’s Yves on acoustic guitar. He rocked it out at Windham CC!


Kelty had an awesome time the night of her wedding at the Ridgewood CC.


Kevin danced with his mom to this classic.


Then everyone got down!


We had a great time with Kelty and Kevin and all of their family and friends!


We celebrated with and performed for our dear friends David and Patrick as they finally tied the knot.




Now that calls for a toast!


Kaila and Chris had an idyllic setting for their ceremony at The Garrison.


Later on, Chris jammed out with the band to some Led Zeppelin sung by Yves. These guys rocked!!


We found a little time to get into the studio.


The last wedding of the summer was on the other side of the country! That’s Napa in the background.


Constance and Tarek had another amazing view courtesy of Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford, CA.


Then they took the party inside to dance all night!


We may have done some wine tasting the next day…


Yves and Amy found a little time to relax on the water…



…but you can’t stop this guy from working, even in a beach bungalow! Here’s to another great season.

Thanks so much to all of our wonderful clients, those featured here and all the rest, for an amazing season! We can’t believe how fast it went by, but now we’re heading right into Holiday Party season, so stay tuned…



Date: March 31st

Location: The Coppertree Restaurant at Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY

Honoree: Purcell Palmer for Catwalk Artist Residency

This year Nite-Time had the pleasure of returning for the fifth year in a row to the Greene County Council on the Arts annual Beaux Arts Ball. Each year the ball is held at the beautiful Coppertree Restaurant at the foot of Hunter Mountain in Hunter, NY. This year’s March 31st ball had a masquerade theme which was a lot of fun and made it an incredible night!

This year the GCCA which “provides information and services to artists, arts organizations, cultural and educational institutions, civic groups, community agencies and the general public” honored Purcell Palmer.

Purcell, with her husband James, founded Catwalk Art Residency. Since its establishment in 2004, Catwalk has welcomed over 200 artists in residence to a “special retreat for art making, collaborative projects and scholarly discourse in a visually stimulating part of the country that has historically provided and continues today to provide significant inspiration to artists, cultural historians, writers and scholars.” Additionally, the council raised $22,000 toward their annual fundraising goal.

This year, there were masks made by local artists and volunteers available for sale during the silent auction to help everyone get into the spirit of the masked ball.

Lex Grey got things going with her bawdy cabaret and then we ramped things up with hits from the 60′s to today. Everybody was up and dancing, masked or unmasked!

It was actually really fun to perform wearing a mask, only a little bit difficult…

Yves had to take his off once he really started hitting those drums!

We love that we get the chance to lend a hand and help out this very worthy cause each year. Funding for arts in our communities is getting harder and harder to come by. We’d like to thank Kay Stamer, David Slutzky, the fine folks at the GCCA and all local arts councils for doing all that they do to keep arts alive in our communities.

If you didn’t make it out this time, next year consider joining us for an excellent time with an amazing group of people!

For more info on the Greene County Council on the Arts and their programs go to www.greenearts.org.

Date: June 11th

Location: The Waterview, Monroe, CT

First Dance: You and Me, Dave Matthews Band

Chris and Katie are an adorable couple, very sweet, generous of spirit and a pleasure to work with. They made some notable selections as far as special songs. Katie wanted the Theme from Sex and the City for her bouquet toss, which I thought was fun and showed her upbeat nature and sense of humor, and I guess that could also be said for Chris’ choice for the garter of Welcome to the Jungle! I love when people think outside the box for things like that.

Huge fans of all things Disney, the couple got engaged at Disney World, and so for their cake cutting they chose the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. It was a sweet moment. We didn’t know the details when they first picked the song, but it all made sense when we heard the best man and maid of honor’s speeches.

Like a lot of our couples they wanted variety when it came to the song list. Katie is a fan of more contemporary artists while Chris likes a lot of classic rock and alternative. For their parent dances they chose two of my favorite picks. Lullabye by Billy joel was perfect for Katie to dance to with her dad, and when Chris and his mom spun around the floor to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

You and Me was a perfect choice for a first dance, and we were happy to get to play it again. It’s not one that comes up too often, and we hadn’t had a request for it since Maribeth and Gary back in September. It’s a great song that gets the party started on a high note!

…and speaking of a high note! Chris and Katie had the most rockin’ dessert of any wedding we’ve done so far this year. In addition to traditional dessert and wedding cake, they had an amazing array of candy! Yes, candy! There was a beautifully done table of every imaginable kind of candy that guests were welcome to stock up on. Everything from Pixi Stix to full size Twix was there and it was a trip. People kept saying they felt like kids again. This is the best pic I could get through the feeding frenzy…

When: Friday, July 29th – 6-8pm

Where: The P&G Bar on the upper west side of NYC

Why: Why NOT?

Here it is, another rare opportunity to catch Nite-Time live and in person without having to get hitched or bar mitzed!

Seriously though, we had a great time the last time we played the P&G and you’ve all been asking when you can see us play live and so… we hooked it up. We’ll be doing our usual thing, that is jammin’ out with everyone’s favorite party music from the ’60s to today. Come on down for some after work, pre-weekend happy juice and we’ll provide the tunes and as always at the P&G… no cover!

Nite-Time in Converse… that’s me in the middle!

Who: Nite-Time – New York City’s Premier Party Band! (of course)

What: Music that will make you happy!

Where: P&G Bar on the Upper West Side. (78th & Columbus)

When: February 11, 2011, 6pm – 8pm

Why: So, this is clearly the winter of everyone’s discontent. Can you say second ice age? (I’ve got a call in to Al Gore to find out if we should be panicking… I’ll let you know.) At least Punxatawny Phil sees an end in sight. Until then, the best way to stay warm is to dance! (and, of course, drink) We’ve got an opportunity for you do both, and the dancing part is totally free.

A lot of you have been asking when and where you can see us play live, without having to get married or throw a fundraiser, corporate shindig or graduation gala – here it is.

We’re tired of being snowed in, so we’re coming on out. The P&G is conveniently located in one of our favorite ‘hoods, and charges absolutely NO COVER! It’s also close enough to Planet Sushi that we can all go get our sashimi on after the show. Sounds like a great way to kick off Valentine’s weekend! Join us. You know you’re tired of these winter doldrums!

Maribeth and Gary

Date: 9/18/10

Location: Tarrytown, NY

First Dance: You and Me, Dave Matthews Band

Maribeth and Gary are an incredibly fun and energetic couple. They danced non-stop all night, as is evidenced by the collection of blurry dancing pictures I have of them.

Good thing they had the folks from All That’s Video and Photography there to get the real pics!  Maribeth had an in, since her dad owns the company. They’re real pros that have been providing photo and video services in the area since 1986. They were great to work with and so were Maribeth and Gary. An easygoing and fun loving couple, these two just wanted to dance, and dance they did. After the party Gary confided in me that he wasn’t a huge Lady Gaga fan, until we segued from the Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feelin’ right into Bad Romance. Gary, I promise if you make it down to Pete’s Saloon for the show on Oct. 8th I’ll kick a little acoustic Paparazzi!

Seriously though, I’m used to seeing our brides and grooms dance their newlyweds butts off, but not as much as these two. They even whipped the band into a frenzy!

Yves jamming out at Maribeth and Gary’s wedding!

We had a great time playing for them and you can even check out their first dance on YouTube! Scott and Danny did a great job with a simple guitar/vocal version of You and Me by Dave Matthews Band as per Gary’s request. A great first dance choice! Thanks again to Maribeth and Gary for having us and for being such a great couple. We hope to see you again soon.

Marianna and Nate

Marianna and Nate

Date: July 17

Location: Sea Cliff Yacht Club, Sea Cliff, NY

First Dance: Just in Time (Nina Simone version)

We first met Marianna and Nate back in the fall of 2009. Marianna booked us remotely via the internet, so we set up a meeting to talk about music during one of their trips to NYC to nail things down for their July 2010 wedding. When they walked into the Greenwich Village French Roast location we had agreed on as a meeting place it was clear that they were a perfect match for Nite-Time, the un-wedding band. Marianna and Nate are a fun and quirky couple with great taste in music and a terrific sense of style which really showed at their wedding and in their request list.

NYU grads, just like me, Marianna and Nate have eclectic and cool taste in music, clothes and dogs! They chose a great list of requests for the night, including the Save Ferris version of “Come on Eileen” and “99 Red Balloons”. They danced with their guests all night (after a short stint behind the bar mixing up cocktails).

Marianna and Nate’s wedding was fun for the band as well. We had a great time learning their special requests and have kept most of them in the repertoire. The new and improved Nite-Time song list now includes:

  • Buddy Holly, Weezer
  • Come on Eileen, Save Ferris
  • I Want You to Want Me, Cheap Trick
  • Just Like Heaven, The Cure
  • I Melt With You, Modern English
  • 99 Red Balloons, Nena
  • What I Got, Sublime

They also reminded us of some tunes we had almost forgotten that we knew like “Tempted” and “Little Red Corvette.” As you can see, good times were had by all, and three weeks later, the Sea Cliff Yacht Club had us back to play at their annual clambake. Marianna and Nate are great. We love people who love to have fun!

*all photos by Anna Rozenblat

Another Great Review!

Alex and Doug were married back in April and sent this email to Yves shortly after their wedding…


I want to thank you and the band once again for the fantastic music during our wedding celebration.  We got many, many, comments telling us how great the band was — including from several musician friends!  Amy is amazing!  Everything you played was great, and we’re especially grateful for the lovely rendition of “My Romance.”  Also loved “Wedding Bell Blues” during the cake cutting; a friend told me later he’d never hear that song the same way again (me neither).  You all really helped make our celebration a joyous and memorable one.


Alex & Doug

Thanks Alex and Doug. Hope all is well!