Date: May 31

Location: On campus at Columbia University, NYC

Best Reunion Highlight: 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster in Full Costume, Sweet!


I know, I know we say it every year, but really, this year was off the hook at Columbia! We’ve just had the best time playing for the alumni over the years. This year was a celebration of class years ending in four and nine, which made it the 30th anniversary of arguably the best movie ever shot on campus, Ghostbusters (I’m not sure what other movies have been shot on campus though).

We got some great pics sent to us from Scott Rudd, an amazing photographer and musician who was on the scene to capture the event. We just thought we’d share them with all of you…

Columbia 14-1

Choosing songs by graduation year is fun!


A high note!

A high note!


From "backstage". photo by Scott Rudd

From “backstage”.


Gettin' down!

Gettin’ down!


The dancing never stops.

The dancing never stops.


A view from the top.

A view from the top.

all photos above courtesy of Scott Rudd


We also got to hang with as close to a real Ghostbuster as possible. I’m not sure he was sanctioned by the University, and he may have been run off campus shortly after this shot was taken, but we had a great time anyway!


Just had to get a shot with this guy!


Thanks again Columbia! Looking forward to the next time…