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Yves and Amy and the band are getting bundled up to rock your Valentine ski weekend’s socks off!

If you’re in the area, or feel like having an arctic adventure, come on up to Seasons at Windham Mountain Resort and check out Nite-Time rockin’ out for lovers (requited or otherwise).

We jam from 4pm – 7pm, today: Sunday, February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Summer Recap Time!!

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and so we figured this would be a good time for a recap of this summer’s parties and happenings. We’ve been so busy this year we’ve barely had time to stay in touch with you all, but if you’ve been following us on Instagram you’re ahead of the game. Here are some of our favorite pics from the grooviest parties of the summer (yes, we’re bringing back groovy – pass it on).


Meredith and Andrew took a spin around the floor to their first dance “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen.


Danny took a solo at sunset on the beach at Sands Light. Pretty cool!


Then we all joined in…


… and Amy whipped out the guitar!


Beach drums, uh huh.


Then we were back on the water in Ship Bottom jamming out with the Tepper family.


This kid did an awesome “worm”! Looking forward to next year, y’all.


We promise Danny will rock out this hard again!


Yes, that’s Yves on acoustic guitar. He rocked it out at Windham CC!


Kelty had an awesome time the night of her wedding at the Ridgewood CC.


Kevin danced with his mom to this classic.


Then everyone got down!


We had a great time with Kelty and Kevin and all of their family and friends!


We celebrated with and performed for our dear friends David and Patrick as they finally tied the knot.




Now that calls for a toast!


Kaila and Chris had an idyllic setting for their ceremony at The Garrison.


Later on, Chris jammed out with the band to some Led Zeppelin sung by Yves. These guys rocked!!


We found a little time to get into the studio.


The last wedding of the summer was on the other side of the country! That’s Napa in the background.


Constance and Tarek had another amazing view courtesy of Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford, CA.


Then they took the party inside to dance all night!


We may have done some wine tasting the next day…


Yves and Amy found a little time to relax on the water…



…but you can’t stop this guy from working, even in a beach bungalow! Here’s to another great season.

Thanks so much to all of our wonderful clients, those featured here and all the rest, for an amazing season! We can’t believe how fast it went by, but now we’re heading right into Holiday Party season, so stay tuned…


Date: June 18th

Location: The Water’s Edge, LIC, NY

First Dance: All I Want Is You by Tristan Prettyman

B and L Cake1

Bianca and Lycean are two busy ER docs in the midst of their residency, so when they asked us to play for their wedding on a Thursday night we were more than happy to accommodate them. Their schedules keep them occupied all weekend long, but hey – we’ll rock out any day of the week, any time of day! The couple chose a band/DJ combo package to suit their very eclectic taste, which is something we’ve been doing a lot more of lately. It’s a lot of fun for us, we get to dance too. We even learned some new moves!

Bianca and Lyncean danced the night away!

Bianca and Lyncean danced the night away!

Bianca and Lyncean chose Tristan Prettyman’s version of the Barry Louis Polisar song, All I Want Is You (the song that was made popular by the movie Juno). It’s a song that is as sweet as the couple themselves.

The room was decked out in origami details from the center pieces to the cake decor. A really nice touch that someone must have spent hours on.

Table view b and l

b and l cake

Here are some more great pics and details from Bianca and Lycean’s big day…

Scrap book b and l

A scrapbook station in the corner of the room allowed guests to get creative.

A BBQ themed cocktail table featured a bucket of Porkslap Pale Ale - nice touch!

A BBQ themed cocktail table featured a bucket of Porkslap Pale Ale – nice touch!

When it came time to put down the sticks, Yves transitioned seamless from band leader to rockin' DJ!

When it came time to put down the sticks, Yves transitioned seamlessly from band leader to rockin’ DJ!

...and then there was dancing...

…and then there was dancing…

...and more dancing...

…and more dancing…

...and even more dancing!

…and even more dancing!

All with the backdrop of our amazing city!

All with the backdrop of our amazing city!

Amanda and Doug at Keene Farm.

Date: August 16th

Location: Keene Farm, Stuyvesant, NY

First Dance: Waltzing Fool by Lyle Lovett

Views: Stunning!


We met Amanda and Doug through friends of ours in the Hudson Valley. Amanda is a gifted and accomplished Soprano and Doug is a member of the family that owns Golden Harvest Farm, the farm that not only supplies the apples that Doug’s brother uses to make Core Vodka, but also supplied the apples for the pie served at President Obama’s inaugural dinner. How cool is that?

Keene Farm, owned by a family friend of Doug’s (and one of the original founders of MTV) was the perfect setting for Amanda and Doug’s laid back, yet elegant vision for their wedding day. The property has amazing views, a beautiful pond and plenty of space to create different experiences throughout the event. Dinner was served under a tent by the main house, and drinks and dancing were in the barn up the hill.

The view from the barn on Keene Farm.

The view from the barn on Keene Farm.

Amanda and Doug had friends providing lighter acoustic music for the ceremony and for during the cocktail hour. At their wedding they wanted to have dinner served first and then move on to dancing, so we hit the stage after the delicious roast pig feast was served to rock everyone out! We started out with some easy dance music to lure everyone away from the dinner tent and then transitioned into the couple’s first dance Waltzing Fool by Lyle Lovett.

When we met with Amanda and Doug they were so open to all genres of music for dancing and welcomed our suggestions, but they knew for sure what song would be their first dance. On one of their first dates they saw a Lyle Lovett concert and just fell in love with the song, and each other.


After the first dance, we did our thing and rocked out – so did the folks on the dance floor. Then we got a chance to dance when Doug and some of his friends took to the stage to play a couple of tunes. Didn’t I mention, Doug is a musician as well! These two were so much fun.



Here are some more fun pics from the evening…

The awesome 1948 Cadillac was parked beside the house. We just had to snap a pic!

The awesome 1948 Cadillac was parked beside the house. We just had to snap a pic!


A blurry Amanda and Doug shake a couple of tail feathers!

Ummm. There were deer!

Ummm. There were deer!

Amanda and Doug weren't the only ones to cut loose.

Amanda and Doug weren’t the only ones to cut loose.

Truly a beautiful setting. Thanks for having us Amanda and Doug!

Truly a beautiful setting. Thanks for having us Amanda and Doug!

Knigi & Bogdan at The Water Club.

Date: August 17th

Location: The Water Club, NYC

First Dance: You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker










Knigi and Bogdan had an intimate wedding upstairs at The Water Club on the East River in NYC. They found us online and hired a slightly smaller five piece version of Nite-Time to fit the space. They had their dancing shoes on from the get go, as did their guests. This couple truly enjoyed their day and each other. They chose the iconic You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker as their first dance which our amazing Danny Powers sang to perfection.

Knigi and Bogdan Getting Down!

Knigi and Bogdan Getting Down!

Knigi made a beautiful speech in honor of her dad, who had passed away.

Knigi made a beautiful speech in honor of her dad, who had passed away.

All in all the celebration was warm and joyous with plenty of dancing. Knigi’s mom and Bogdan’s dad shared a special dedication dance with Bogdan’s mom and Knigi’s uncle. We had a great time and the guests really appreciated the music. We are so happy to have been a part of this wonderful couple’s most special day.

Knigi and Bogdan's closest family joined together in a dance.

Knigi and Bogdan’s closest family joined together in a dance.










Date: November 10th

Location 1: The Stateroom, Ship Bottom, NJ

Location 2: The Marriott at Forrestal Village, Princeton , NJ

First Dance: You Got It by Roy Orbison


We first met Laura and Shawn a few years back when we played at Shawn’s college graduation party. They are a wonderful couple who have been together since they were kids. When they started planning their wedding at a lovely spot on the Jersey Shore on Long Beach Island they called Nite-Time to perform again. They chose a place they had been going to since they were children that holds a lot of great memories for them. We were thrilled to be a part of their celebration.

By October, everything was in place. The hotels were reserved, the songs were chosen, all the plans were coming together perfectly. Then, came Hurricane Sandy. We watched the TV coverage as the storm made landfall on October 29th in Southern New Jersey, right about where Laura and Shawn were having their upcoming wedding. I don’t think anyone thought that Sandy would be quite as bad as it was, and certainly Laura and Shawn had no way of anticipating that the storm of the century would slam right into their wedding venue, but it did.


After the flood waters receded, the venue reported relatively little damage (luckily), but they would be without power for the foreseeable future and didn’t see how they would be able to host Laura and Shawn’s wedding in less than two weeks. When Yves got Laura on the phone on Halloween, an alternate plan was being hashed out. Laura delivered the best bridal quote of the year to Yves on the phone that day. She said “we are definitely getting married next Saturday, I don’t know where yet, but we are”. We waited to hear back about the location, and by the weekend they had it figured out.


Laura’s parents had lost power due to the storm and were staying at a nearby hotel in The Forrestal Village area of Princeton, NJ. The Marriott was right across the street and had a banquet room large enough to accommodate Laura and Shawn and their guests. The staff of the hotel was incredibly helpful and really went out of their way to make everything run smoothly. There was a whole weekend of events scheduled from rehearsal dinner to Sunday brunch, and the Marriott at Forrestal Village found room for all of it. (In addition to putting up out of town relief workers who had come in to help clean up after the storm).


It wasn’t the seaside wedding they had been planning the whole year, but the sentiment was that getting married was the important part, not the location. It was so great to see all of their friends and family pulling together, helping out, changing plans and lending support. Of course, there were speeches about the storm and even some light humor about what the couple had to go through to get to that moment, but overall what I noticed was that the room was filled with joy. They could have given up, they could have postponed the wedding, they could have eloped, but they rallied instead. With their friends and family around them (and a kick-ass band) Laura and Shawn got hitched and celebrated it like crazy!


OK, so usually I post pics and point out all the cool details, quirky song requests and interesting traditions that I see at the weddings and events we do each year, but I just loved the fact that Laura and Shawn didn’t waste time wallowing in their misfortune. They focussed on what they did have and not what they didn’t. They truly celebrated the relationship and the commitment they were making to each other that day.


Laura and Shawn Make an Entrance!

Of course, there was dancing…

Laura and her dad danced to Rod Stewart’s Forever Young. Shawn and his mom danced to A Song For My Son. Despite the couple’s lack of Jewishness, someone requested a hora to celebrate them and everyone danced to that. Laura and Shawn danced to Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen. There was a definite Call Me Maybe moment, and everyone got “a little bit louder” to Shout.






Thank You so much Laura and Shawn for having us. We love celebrating with you and your family and friends. Next time you have something to party about, give us a call. You guys rock!

Eissa and Nick at Gary’s Loft

Date: September 8th

Location: Gary’s Loft, W36th St., NYC

First Dance: Little Trip to Heaven by Tom Waits


Eissa and Nick came to see us at one of our shows at the Underground Lounge back in April and decided to hire Nite-Time for their cool loft wedding in NYC. They’re both huge fans of classic rock and wanted an emphasis on that for their reception. Nick loves Billy Joel, so we played hits like You’re My Home, New York State of Mind and You May Be Right by request. Eissa is also a jazz lover, so we also covered a wide range of jazz standards early in the evening while people were still mingling.

Gary’s Loft set the stage perfectly. The reception started while it was still light outside and sun filled the room through two huge skylights. The mostly white interior of the loft had a heavenly glow about it, and as the sun went down, candle light filled the room to create just the right mood.



The bar was set up in front of what looked like an old shower to keep the loft apartment feel going.

For the ceremony and the first half of the cocktail hour Eissa and Nick opted for a string quartet, they did an amazing job playing both classical selections and some more modern standards.


Abigail Kirsch served delicious passed appetizers like lobster BLTs for cocktails with panache and created a wonderful dinner comprised of small plates like braised short rib and asian noodles served in little take out containers. Eissa and Nick wanted a more laid-back cocktail party atmosphere for their reception which turned out to be both sophisticated and fun. There were plenty of seating options, so people could eat or lounge or dance at their leisure.


We played dance music throughout the night  so that people would always have the option to get up on the floor. When it came time for us to stop, Nick asked us to keep playing so that everyone could keep on dancing for a little while longer. Even Nick’s grandma got in on the dancing!


Eissa and Nick truly achieved their goal of a chic and sophisticated yet laid-back NYC wedding. Here are some more pics…

A cool photo collage of Eissa and Nick together hung on the wall near the bar.

A cool photo collage of Eissa and Nick together hung on the wall near the bar.

Rustic tables and unmatched chairs made up just part of the NYC Shabby Chic look of Gary's Loft.

Rustic tables and unmatched chairs made up just part of the NYC Shabby Chic look of Gary’s Loft.

Another great shot of Eissa and Nick's first dance.

Another great shot of Eissa and Nick’s first dance.

Another cool detail.

Another cool detail.

Heather and Dylan were married back in October at The Garrison with the amazing backdrop of the Hudson River Valley. They’re our featured wedding for October and should be up on our blog this week. In the meantime we thought we’d share this note that they sent to Yves a few weeks after the wedding…

Heather and Dyan

Hi Yves,

Now that the dust has settled I wanted to take a moment to thank you for an amazing night.  You guys rocked!!  So many people came up to us to tell us you guys were the best wedding band they every heard.  Thank you for making our night so wonderful!  I wrote a review for you on Wedding Wire and would be more than happy to be a reference for you guys for any upcoming events.
Thanks again!!
Much love and gratitude,
Heather and Dylan

Date: August 13th

Location: West Shore Country Club, Camp Hill, PA

First Dance: Manhattan by Kings of Leon


Janet and Josh found us online back in February, they had been looking for a band to play their wedding in Camp Hill, PA, a suburb of Harrisburg, and they were psyched when they found out we were available. As was the case most of this summer, there was a bit of rain that day, but they didn’t let it get them down. Their outdoor cocktail hour went off without a hitch, after the addition of a tent to the lawn at the West Shore Country Club. Their guest enjoyed passed appetizers and cocktails along with light background piano music, which was mostly scaled down versions of classic rock tunes with a few modern twists.

After cocktails everyone moved inside for dinner, Janet and Josh’s first dance, Manhattan, was a great way to start the evening. They did an amazing job getting it going with their solo dance after which we went right into a pre-salad dance set! Both Josh and Janet wanted to get everyone up and dancing, so we made sure that’s just what happened.

After dinner, Josh danced with his mother to In My Life by The Beatles. It was a touching moment for everyone, that song is just so perfect for a mother/son dance. Next came Janet’s dance with her dad, and I love their pick! They chose to get the dancing started again by shakin’ it to Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine Band. Janet asked that Yves invite everyone to join them on the floor half way through the dance, which was a great way to kick off another rockin’ set of dance music. We hit on some modern dance hits from Ke$ha and Rihanna as well as 80’s classics like Billie Jean, complete with guest vocalist (one of Janet’s work colleagues totally nailed it).

Janet and Josh were a vibrant, fun loving and gracious bride and groom, they were a lot of fun and we had a great time working with the two of them. I love it when the bride and groom dance all night, and they certainly did.

Check out our YouTube channel for a great video of their first dance, Manhattan.

Date: June 11th

Location: The Waterview, Monroe, CT

First Dance: You and Me, Dave Matthews Band

Chris and Katie are an adorable couple, very sweet, generous of spirit and a pleasure to work with. They made some notable selections as far as special songs. Katie wanted the Theme from Sex and the City for her bouquet toss, which I thought was fun and showed her upbeat nature and sense of humor, and I guess that could also be said for Chris’ choice for the garter of Welcome to the Jungle! I love when people think outside the box for things like that.

Huge fans of all things Disney, the couple got engaged at Disney World, and so for their cake cutting they chose the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. It was a sweet moment. We didn’t know the details when they first picked the song, but it all made sense when we heard the best man and maid of honor’s speeches.

Like a lot of our couples they wanted variety when it came to the song list. Katie is a fan of more contemporary artists while Chris likes a lot of classic rock and alternative. For their parent dances they chose two of my favorite picks. Lullabye by Billy joel was perfect for Katie to dance to with her dad, and when Chris and his mom spun around the floor to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

You and Me was a perfect choice for a first dance, and we were happy to get to play it again. It’s not one that comes up too often, and we hadn’t had a request for it since Maribeth and Gary back in September. It’s a great song that gets the party started on a high note!

…and speaking of a high note! Chris and Katie had the most rockin’ dessert of any wedding we’ve done so far this year. In addition to traditional dessert and wedding cake, they had an amazing array of candy! Yes, candy! There was a beautifully done table of every imaginable kind of candy that guests were welcome to stock up on. Everything from Pixi Stix to full size Twix was there and it was a trip. People kept saying they felt like kids again. This is the best pic I could get through the feeding frenzy…